Extremely rare white Lion quadruplets prepare to meet public for the first time after being born

Cuteness overload! Stunning! Beautiful babies, writes lexnau

The white lion has a unique fur characterized by ‘leu.cism’ that makes the fur lose only part of the pigment, but the lips and eyes are colored.
They are birthday on November 6. The birthplace is Nantong Forest Safari Park in Jiangsu, China. All of them were males. Month ago, four white lions arrived at the zoo in east!

So sweet, long life and many prodigy little ones.🥰🥰💘

From the photos, we can see the cubs playing through the forest together, eating, and even posing for the camera.
The baby lions are healthy, and they are growing very fast. After one month of their birth, they were ready for their first public debut on December 26.
Now, only 13 white lions are in the wild, and 100 live in cap.tiv.ity.

Just gorgeous, so different… Hope they grow well and safe.

Besides their rareness, the white lion doesn’t belong to the end.ang.ered species list. Because of that, these creatures aren’t protected by la.w.

Ohh my so so adorable and beautiful and precious!

Please someone take care of them and keep them safe at all times!🙏🏽😍 They are so beautiful and precious 💕

May they live long and prosper 🙏🙏🙏

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