Dog surprises by stealing a whole chicken as a gift for his mother

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Some dogs are not content to sit at home and do nothing on the couch and relax. They often go on adventures.

In Neuquén, Argentina, a dog named Quinoa was bored and had the idea of ​​going to bother the neighbors . Dogs can be very good and affectionate, but they also have their naughty side. Of course, they do it without malice and for fun.

Get out of monotony
The dog, Quinoa, was roaming around the homes of neighbors in her community . The neighborhood where she lives with her owner Camila is very quiet. Which allows the woman to let her little ball of fur go out alone in the street.

But this time the dog decided to break the monotony and went home with a whole chicken . Quinoa, who is a purebred golden retriever dog , had no problem stealing a whole chicken from a neighbor’s house. So, she brings her trophy back to its owner.

At the time, Camila was doing housework . When she opened the door to go clean the yard, she found the chicken, the dog next to her.

Camila was very impressed, she couldn’t believe what she saw. Despite her desire to laugh , she decided to play her role of scolding mother .

“Quinoa, I can’t believe what you did!” », shouted Camila to her dog. The latter was happily wagging her tail, without really understanding the seriousness of the situation. She also adds: “We don’t steal other people’s food, it’s bad!” “.

The innocence of the dog
Quinoa just made eyes at her owner, playing the innocent girl who didn’t understand what was happening . Seeing her like that was just adorable and worthy of hugs and kisses. And that’s exactly what TikTok users wrote in the comments. Indeed, they claim that in addition to stealing the chicken, the dog had also stolen their hearts.

But as the saying goes, “there is no evil that does not come for good.” Camila, with the chicken that the dog had brought, decided to go out into the street . She asks her neighbors if the whole chicken belonged to one of them. She couldn’t find the owner, but the story spread like wildfire among the neighbors. And they all ended up laughing out loud!

Eventually, the chicken ended up in Camila’s pot. In fact, decided to cook it and share it with his dogs . Everyone had fun telling Quinoa’s mischief and thanked the dog for providing a moment of laughter and affection.

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