Dog mom with her puppy tied up and abandoned – how her fate turns is like a fairytale

Nobody knows exactly what goes on in the minds of people who don’t take their dogs to an animal shelter but simply abandon them.

The dog and her puppy from this video are found tied up in the city. An incomprehensible act by their previous owners.

Luckily, the tide soon turns for the two dogs!

Rescue for abandoned mother and her puppy
The cute dog mom and her puppy are found tied to a lamp post near a library.

Source: YouTube screenshot; Channel: @readersdigest

Fortunately, the animals were quickly discovered and taken to a rescue center.

However, it turns out that both dogs have to be kept in different stations due to the large age difference.

Source: YouTube screenshot; Channel: @readersdigest

A search begins for an owner for the dogs. That’s how long mother and child have to live separately from each other.

A home for the four-legged friends
The misfortune of these two dogs will soon be a thing of the past as they will both be adopted!

The dogs do not go to different families, but find a loving new home together.

The joy of seeing each other again for the first time after this long separation is really huge.

Mom and puppy are finally reunited and can play, cuddle and live life to the fullest together!

Source: YouTube screenshot; Channel: @readersdigest

Wavering between horror and joy
Viewers on YouTube are equally horrified by the previous owner’s actions and pleased that the dogs are still doing well.

The user janicemcgaha4715 is very happy that mother and child have found a home together. She comments under the video:

“I’m so glad someone took them both into their forever home.”

The viewer antonettebrennion4173 still oscillates between horror and joy, but in the end the joy prevails. She writes:

“Some people are so cruel to animals. Thank you for adopting these sweet babies together.”

Source: YouTube screenshot; Channel: @readersdigest

Would you also like to see how these two dogs’ lives change for the better? Then just take a look at the video!

Source: @readersdigest

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