Dad performs “surgery” on his boxer dog’s new favorite toy while she adorably watches

After a beloved toy of a Boxer dog suffered an unfortunate “injury,” her devoted owner embarked on a heartwarming mission to mend it, documenting the adorable “surgery” in a delightful video.

Dido, the Boxer residing in Spain, was gifted a plush tiger toy named Tigreton in November, quickly establishing it as her most cherished plaything. Whether on walks or engaged in playtime, Tigreton became her steadfast companion. However, Dido’s playful antics eventually led to a need for a delicate sewing procedure to repair the toy’s “tail.”

In the heartwarming video shared by TikTok user @elliotdelosconejos, Tigreton is portrayed connected to an IV, while both Dido and her dad sport surgical masks. With earnest focus, Dido watches on as her father performs the “surgery,” adeptly repairing Tigreton to its peak “playing form.”

Dido’s dad humorously remarked that this particular repair marked the fourth intervention within just five days. With a playful tone, he quipped, “Fourth surgery in 5 days for Tigretón. His tail has been reimplanted. This time he needed a transfusion.”

Despite the diligent efforts to “resuscitate” Tigreton, it wasn’t meant to be. Unfortunately, Tigreton didn’t last much longer.

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