Dad leaves backyard gate open and 200 ‘intruders’ hilariously come right in

It’s not always fun if a neighbor stops by unannounced – but imagine that times 200!

One family was enjoying a quiet evening at home when suddenly, a flock of 200 “intruders” decided to crash their backyard party.

The Russos live in Lincoln, California.
In this city, sheep are often used to clear overgrowth that could lead to wildfires.

But for the Russos, these woolly neighbors decided to pop in and say “hello,” despite not exactly being invited.

The adventure began innocently enough.
The Russo family opened their gate to give their daughters a closer look at the grazing sheep.

Erin Russo told Bored Panda, “Once a year they graze for two or three days to clear the overgrowth.”

She had never heard of them wandering into anyone’s yard before.

But, as they soon discovered, these sheep had a mind of their own!
“The curious sheep were peeking their heads in our back gate for a while but would scamper off as soon as they saw us. Then one came in, which became a dozen in the blink of an eye, and then hundreds,” Erin recalled.

Before they knew it, their yard was flooded with these uninvited guests.

Dad Scott Russo, ever the entertainer, captured the entire sheep invasion on camera.
He tried everything to get them to leave – from shouting at them to making sheep noises himself.

But these sheep weren’t easily persuaded.

Scott’s hilarious narration added a comedic touch to the situation, even though Erin wasn’t quite as amused.

Scott seemed to be pretty “entertained” by what was going on, but Erin was a bit “nervous.”
While Scott was busy playing shepherd, Erin quickly ushered their daughters to safety inside the house.

The girls, aged 4 and 5, found the whole situation hilarious, exclaiming, “Daddy let the leader in!”

In a creative attempt to drive the sheep away, Erin jumped on the trampoline and waved a tambourine.
She thought the loud noise might do the trick. And she was right!

With Scott leading the way and Erin making noise, the sheep finally began to leave.

“It all happened so fast,” Scott shared with Bored Panda.
“It went from funny to freakout real quick, but looking back I was pretty calm about it all.”

There was a moment of panic when it looked like the departing sheep might damage the fence, but they managed to exit without causing any harm.

Fortunately, the herd of sheep wasn’t there for more than a few minutes.
Turns out, they don’t like the sound of a shaking tambourine, which is something the family should probably keep in mind.

Or just remember to keep the gate closed!

Although they didn’t intend for all the sheep to storm their yard, it did lead to some hilarious and memorable footage.

You can watch it for yourself below!
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