Cedric the Chihuahua critiques his collection of cozy pet beds

Do you know how when you are trying to find the perfect new bed, your search for the best one for your nighttime slumber? Cedric, the chihuahua, is the same way! Cedric is giving reviews to find the best pet bed he owns, so his new little brother or sister has a soft, warm place to rest their little head.

He must lie down in each one to find just the right one. It is a tough job, but somebody has to do it! He wants to find the most comfortable bed for him or her. Cedric is off-the-charts adorable! He has a fantastic personality and deserves the coziest cloud to sleep on!

Cedric’s voice is so cute as he explains each bed in detail. The first bed is green, somewhat firm, and not the best for doggie naps, but it was the first one he got and is not his favorite. The second one is brown and cream and it is much softer and cozier, suitable for power napping. He also likes the snuggle beds and the brown bed with the white polka dots. However, the next bed is a clear winner. But there are two more beds to try.

The last bed has all his toys in it! So sweet! Cedric is an adorable pup; watching him review each bed is a fun treat. His face, eyes, and that goofy tongue sticking out are all too cute for words. This is one precious little chihuahua!

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