Cat who nobody wanted to adopt is raised by a mama mouse

Aaron Benitez was a talented visual effects artist who had a tough life during his early struggle days. However, the young man recently became famous because of his work, where he used his pet cat, Prince Michael, to showcase his work. The cat was a domestic shorthair. Prince Michael starred in Aaron’s new work as Phil, the cat. The poor kitten was the only one not adopted by anyone at the Clearwater Animal Rescue Adoption stall.

The kitten was left all alone. Phil jumped out from one box to the other, which belonged to a magician. The boxes had gas-filled balloons tied to them. As soon as the string of the balloons got loose, they flew away into the sky. The kitty photo bombed a few tourists on her way. However, he was brought down by a bird who poked into the balloon with the beak. The innocent animal fell into the river, got hit by a boat, then fell down a waterfall.

The kitty in the cardboard box reached the shore only to find some unusual friends. A couple of mice, searching for food, found the poor kitten and took him in as their own. They got him home and gave him something to eat. After Phil got his shower, he slept for a long time. His new mom gave him breakfast as soon as he woke up.

However, when the mice and the kitten family searched for food again, they were chased by a human. So, they had to run back home. The kitten exercised with his mice friends and followed them everywhere. But he was too big to fit into the hole that they entered. This made him very sad. So, his new mom decided to throw him a birthday party. One of her siblings wrote that he was a fake son on the banner. That made Phil sad, and he was heartbroken. So, he left home. He was lonely again.

Soon, he found a new home at a golf course and was taken in by the caretaker, who had a cat working for him already. The cats used to take care of all the daily chores, and soon he got along with the caretaker. Finally, however, he wanted to do something for his favorite new human.

The task allotted to him was to exterminate the mice population living at the golf course. When Phil reached the area where the mice lived, he found out that the mice family lived there, and his mom missed him a lot. So he decided to help them and put them in a box tied to gas-filled balloons.

The mice family was flying away in the sky when the other cat shot at the balloon string. The box drowned in the lake. Phil thought that they were all dead. However, the little ones had caught hold of the balloons and flew away to a different place. The poor cat hopped on a truck and traveled to California as he did not want to stay at the golf course anymore. However, the mice family promised themselves that they would find him.

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