Bulldog Born Without Foot Was Buried In Snow By Owner Who Deemed Him ‘Useless’

The newborn pup laid helplessly in the snow on this bone-chilling night, hours away from death.

An bulldog, now named Draper, was born with a necrotic front leg, leaving him with only three that worked. Since he was the sole one in the litter born with a defect, he was deemed useless and thrown onto the road to die. It was freezing outside, and shortly the newborn puppy was buried in deep snow because it fell from the bone-chilling night sky.

The puppy lay in the ice cold snow, wondering why his owner gave abreast of him so easily. Thankfully, he was spotted by a passerby who picked him up and wrapped him during a blanket to warm him up. If the great Samaritan didn’t find the puppy that night, he wouldn’t have survived until morning. The rescuers immediately contacted the local animal rescue agency for help, and the latter agreed to be in the puppy.

They named this sweet boy “Draper,” and quickly put him under a heater for twenty-four hours to assist regulate his blood heat. In the mean time, they cleaned his front leg and altered his bandages every few hours. Draper then began laser therapy.

He showed a tremendous improvement and was now eating on the and sleeping well. He continues to grow bigger and stronger every day, and is making new doggy and kitty friends in his family. He could also be different from other dogs, but he isn’t getting to let his disability slow him down!

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