Breaking Barriers: Watch how a fearless woman breaks New York City subway rules by carrying a 52-pound dog in her backpack.

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The things people will do for their pets are incredible. In order to get past New York City’s subway regulations, one lady decides to carry her 52-pound dog about in a backpack.

A white Samoyed called Lumi belongs to Jackie Hornung of New York City. Lumi is seen being carried in the owner’s backpack in a popular video with the owner out and about with her large dog!

The unusual sight attracted a lot of attention online and on the NYC subway. It’s common for dog owners to carry small and medium-sized dogs in bags while on public transportation, but you rarely see such a big, heavy dog being carried around. Lumi was able to go on the train because to Jackie’s maneuvering around local transit regulations: “Dogs have to be in bags on the NYC subway! He is in a backpack because of this.

Many people online and on the NYC metro were interested in the unexpected sight. Small and medium-sized dogs are often transported on public transportation by their owners in bags, but it’s uncommon to see such a large, hefty dog doing the same.

The reason Jackie was able to bring Lumi on the train was because she was able to circumvent the local metro regulations. Dogs must be in bags on the NYC subway, Jackie continued. He is thus wearing a backpack for that purpose.

Although it’s an odd solution, Lumi seems to be having a great time and the owner doesn’t seem to mind carrying her large dog about on her back.

When the two are out in public, it attracts attention and brings smiles to many. People may be seen petting Lumi in videos.

He receives several pets, which he loves, Jackie told Newsweek.

She added to the Newsweek article by stating that Lumi “loves being carried” and has lots of space in his roomy backpack, which has a platform at the bottom that he can “sit naturally in.”

The MTA’s policy states that “no person may bring any animal on or into any conveyance or facility unless enclosed in a container” and that the animal must be “carried in in a way that wouldn’t irritate other travelers”.

People on the train and NYPD cops don’t appear to mind Jackie and Lumi’s cute flaw since they also found the puppy to be cute.

This big, gorgeous dog can now tour New York City with his owner because to this very creative solution.

Lumi is unbelievable happy!

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