Blind Senior Dog Abandoned Near Junkyard & No One Cares, Then Hears Something

One morning, the rescue team at “Home For Paws” received a call from a man who informed them about a visually impaired dog that had wandered into the junkyard.

Rescuers quickly rushed to the scene and discovered Duncan, an elderly, blind Pit Bull hiding under a van. After putting in considerable effort, they successfully managed to coax Duncan out and into their vehicle.

Duncan was in dire need of immediate medical attention and was taken to the veterinarian. His condition was poor, suffering from dehydration, periodontal disease, corneal ulcers, two mast cell tumors, and skin disease. After his diagnosis, Duncan was given a bath and it turned out that he had beautiful fur. He was well taken care of and received proper treatment.

After a few days of recovery, Duncan is now in perfect condition and living happily in his foster home. The rescue team at “Home For Paws” deserves immense gratitude for their selfless work.

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