At the sheIter, the dog clings to his owner’s leg, knowing he is about to leave him…

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Chrissy was at a local shelter pulling some dogs for her rescue, Forgotten Now Family Rescue, when she noticed a very senior dog clinging to his person’s leg in the corner. He’d clearly been neglected and looked very scared — and Chrissy’s heart broke even more when she realized his owner was there to have the dog put down.

“He was caked in flea dirt and the smell from the infection he had was clearing the lobby,” Chrissy told The Dodo.

At that moment, Chrissy made a decision. There was no way she could leave the dog, later named Seymour, all alone to meet his fate. Something in his eyes told her he wasn’t done fighting yet, and so Chrissy decided to take him with her.

“He was immediately thankful for me,” Chrissy said. “He looked at me shocked that I would want to touch him at all.”

Seymour was 18 years old and severely neglected, so Chrissy took him in as a fospice dog. She brought him to the vet to get him looked over and cared for, hoping they could remove the growths and masses from his body. Everything was to make Seymour more comfortable for his final days, weeks or months. No one thought he had much time left — but Seymour proved everyone wrong.

“We expected a short hospice time with him, and even a few days in comfort would be worth it to me,” Chrissy said. “Instead he has given me 13 months and going strong!”

In just one day, Seymour went from neglected and unwanted to a cherished member of Chrissy’s family, and the sweet senior pup couldn’t believe he got so lucky.

“Seymour is the best there ever was,” Chrissy said. “His heart is so kind. He is everyone’s best friend.”

It’s been over a year since Seymour joined Chrissy’s family, and she’s grateful for him every day. His life was hard, but now he knows what love is, and his family is determined to cherish every single moment they get with him.

“I was there just at the right moment and our hearts were absolutely meant to be,” Chrissy said.

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