After searching for his lost dog for 2 years, he finds him in a shelter. A desperate dog knows its owner

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There are many reasons why a dog ends up in an animal shelter.
Some dogs are put there by their owners because they can no longer take care of them. Others get lost and end up at the shelter when they’re found wandering the streets.

That was the case with a dog named Pakita at Arca Animal Refuge in Argentina. Pakita was found wandering the streets, and the person who found her thought she was a stray

Pakita was a good dog, and the staff assumed she would be adopted. Nobody ever took her home, though. She became depressed and withdrawn

There was nothing the staff could do to lift her spirits.
Refuge volunteer Silvia Ferreyra said:

“People prefer puppies. So, she stayed with us for two whole years.”

They had no idea that someone was searching for Pakita and that she was loved and missed very much.
One day, they got a clear picture of the shy dog and posted it online. They got a call not too long after making the post. Ferreyra said:

“Immediately, we received a message from a woman saying that the dog was her son’s and that they had been looking for her.”

The woman’s son, Ariel Naveira, had been searching for his dog for years. They couldn’t believe she was in a shelter the entire time.

They both headed to the rescue to claim Pakita.
The rescue staff brought out the dog, and she was shy and reserved at first, Then, she saw Naveira and instantly perked up and walked over to him. She became a different dog. Ferreyra said:

“From that point, there was no doubt.”

Naveira couldn’t believe that he had actually found her. He was thrilled that she remembered him, and he hoped she would forgive him for not finding her sooner. He added:

“It was beautiful. I was sad to have lost her, but recovering her was spectacular; there are no words to describe it.”

The Dodo posted a video of their sweet reunion to their YouTube channel and it quickly went viral, garnering over 12 million views.

Everyone was touched by this reunion and the clear love between the pair.
“These reunions get me every time. Watching the dog see a stranger, then they get a hint of a smell and they creep slowly closer wanting to believe it’s true but not wanting to be disappointed……then full on excitement and happiness. Best day of their life,” one commenter wrote.
Another commenter added:

“This is the reason that I don’t agree with assuming every pet’s owner that gets loose is irresponsible and doesn’t care for their animals. You never know the whole story.”

Pakita and Ariel clearly love each other so much, and we’re so glad they’re back together where they belong.

Check out Pakita’s beautiful reunion with her owner below!

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