Adorable Highland Cattle Calves Are the World’s Cuddliest Little Cows

You wouldn’t normally describe a cow as warm and fuzzy, but there’s one breed that defies stereotypes with its distinctively long, textured hair. Known as Highland cattle, these cuddly-looking creatures don wild coifs—the longest of any breed— that cover their hooves and faces in adorable fluff like a dog.

Highland cattle are originally from the Highlands and Western Isles of Scotland. Because of their fur, they are well suited for locales that have strong winds, rainfall, and generally cooler weather. Their coats are equipped with a double set of fur; outside is the oily layer that allows rain to slide off, and the inner layer covers the body with a downy undercoat. This, along with their horns, makes it possible for them to forage for their food—even when there’s snow on the ground. The horns are like a shovel that helps them dig for buried plants.

Let’s face it—many species of animals are cuter as babies, and a Highland cattle calf is no exception. With their small snouts, tongues, and stature, it’s impossible not to smile when you see their adorable antics. See them in all their adorable glory, below.

You wouldn’t normally describe a cow as cute and cuddly, but the Highland cattle calf is an adorable exception!

As their name suggests, the breed originates in the Scottish Highlands.

The adorable fuzzy cows come in a variety of colors, though red is the most common these days.

Their hair is the longest of any cow breed and is actually a double layer.

Highland cattle have a long outer coat and a downy undercoat.

Highland cattle calves are ridiculously cute.

These cows are known for their friendly temperament, which lasts even when they become adults.

Highland cattle are no longer just in Scotland, though. These fuzzy cows can be found as far afield as Australia and in the Andes.

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