Abused Dog Was Locked In Cage For So Long That The Cage Door Had Rusted Shut

Adam Parascandola, a rescuer with the Humane Society of the United States, was sick to his stomach as he walked into a rural puppy mill in Jones County, North Carolina, writes ilovemydogsomuch

He and his team found 88 sick puppies living a filthy nightmare while their deceitful owners were selling them off to unsuspecting locals.

The video below focuses on Billy, a Chihuahua who was one of the weakest rescues from this puppy mill. Adam found Billy crying for help from his wire cage. Billy had been locked in his cage for so long that the cage door had rusted shut. But when Adam finally managed to free Billy, the puppy’s heartbreaking condition drove him to tears.

Billy was just a skeleton under his unkempt fur due to extreme starvation and dehydration. His entire lower jaw was missing as well. Despite being trapped in the cage all his life, Billy just broke down in Adam’s arms on being held for the first time. As he rested his tiny head on his rescuer’s shoulder, Adam couldn’t help but feel responsible for Billy.

Adam immediately adopted Billy after his treatment at the hospital, and the tiny baby blossomed into the most adorable pooch over the next few months. Billy was Adam’s personal comedian and made him laugh all the time. The pooch had truly embraced his happy new life.

Sadly, Billy’s fairy tale life didn’t last long. Shortly after this video was made, Adam updated that Billy passed away owing to internal complications from his previous neglect. The devastated dad is haunted by Billy’s memories every day and he hopes Billy’s unfair fate urges people to boycott puppy mills.

Click the video below to watch Billy’s frightening plight at the puppy mill and how Adam transformed the pup with his love.

Source: ilovemydogsomuch.tv

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