Abandoned Pooch: Discovered Living In The Soil After His Owners Deserted Him

Canine friends are known for their loyalty and gratitude towards their owners. However, there are instances where humanity falls short in reciprocating the bond of friendship with dogs.

Meet Larry, an 8-year-old pooch who was discovered homeless on the streets after his owners relocated and abandoned him. Since he had nowhere to go, he settled in at a landscaping business parking lot across from his previous dwelling. He relied on the kindness of strangers who would toss him some scraps to keep him going.

A delivery driver went the extra mile by creating an Instagram account exclusively for an adorable dog named Larry. This simple gesture led to Sasha Abelson, the president of Love Leo Rescue, discovering Larry’s story. With the help of dedicated volunteers, Larry was able to receive medical attention in Los Angeles.

The old dog had a bloated stomach, despite not having regular meals or water for months. Additionally, he was experiencing hair loss on his legs and difficulty walking. Larry, the dog, was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease, which is caused by a benign tumor on the pituitary gland.

Despite the apparent sadness in the dog’s eyes, he managed to wag his tail as a sign of gratitude towards his rescuers who tirelessly worked to save him. After a month and a half of care, Larry’s health gradually improved, and he became ready to find a permanent home. However, there were still some challenges that stood in his way.

Larry has had a tough time finding a permanent home, as he has been returned to the rescue on three different occasions due to unfortunate circumstances. To maintain his health, Larry requires a monthly medication that can be quite costly, with owners expected to pay approximately $180 each month. This expense could be a deterrent for many who might otherwise consider adopting Larry, who is a delightful and lovable dog.

If you’re residing within the Los Angeles or Orange County location and have a desire to provide a home for Larry, Love Leo Rescue can provide you with more details. You may also check out aubtu.biz for fascinating and amusing content on a daily basis, including animal memes and heartfelt stories.

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