Abandoned in a Walmart parking lot, this dog can’t seem to stop hugging the people who saved him!

Golden Retrievers are the gentlest dogs! How could you le.ave him!
If you don’t want your dog, don’t leave it t.i.ed up. Take it to a shelter where someone else will want it…!

Clarence had never known what it was like to be at home. Before they a.ban.doned him in a ‘Walmart parking’ lot and went aw.ay, he spent his whole life outside in his family’s yard.
And Clarence encountered two other a.ban.doned dogs, a German shepherd and a Chihuahua-mix.

Clarence and his German shepherd pal were ultimately [app.rehe.nded] “by Animal Control”, and his owner was informed. Thankfully, Hounds In Pounds intervened just in time to save Clarence and the German shepherd and place them in loving homes.
Clarence has no grudges towards humans and is so full of love, des.pite his tough begi.nnings in life.

So happy he was rescued he was probably sc.a.red

[PetSmart] Charities helps local groups improve the lives of pets by facilitating adoption, increasing access to veterinary care, and providing di.saster as.sis.tance.

Hounds In Pounds share: He is lovely, kind, and very thankful to be safe with us. He is bright, warm, and enlightens those who come into contact with him. His rescuers are confident that he will offer joy to any family that is fortunate enough to adopt him.

❤️❤️❤️ this sounds like an amazing dog! So sweet and appreciative of his rescuers.
When you get a pet it is a lifetime comitment

So glad he was rescued and now has a loving home! He is a sweet loving dog.
Bless his heart he was so happy someone helped him he showed them how much by holding on to them.

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