Abandoned and rescued, a pregnant pit bull finds safety and gives birth to healthy puppies

Human nature can showcase both its best and worst during the holiday season, and unfortunately, the tale of a pregnant Pit Bull discarded in a dumpster exemplifies the latter. Over the weekend, an unidentified heartless individual callously threw the expecting mother into the dumpster like a piece of refuse.

Fortunately, a timely rescue ensured that she would not endure her ordeal alone, allowing her to give birth to her seven precious puppies in a secure and nurturing environment, surrounded by compassionate shelter staff. In honor of her miraculous holiday birth story, this gentle canine has been affectionately named Mary.

During a cold December night, authorities from Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) in Virginia responded to a distress call concerning a dog trapped inside a dumpster at a local apartment complex. With temperatures dropping to chilling lows, the urgency was paramount.

Upon arrival, they discovered the dumpster’s doors closed and locked, necessitating their entry from the top to reach the abandoned dog. Inside, they encountered a heavily pregnant Pit Bull, her milk already flowing in anticipation of her impending delivery.

Christie Chipps Peters, director of Richmond Animal Care & Control, expressed her dismay in an interview with NBC 12, stating, “We unfortunately see horrific things all the time, but this incident takes it to a whole new level of cruelty that should not be tolerated.”

Less than 48 hours after her rescue, Mary finally felt a sense of security that allowed her to bring her puppies into the world. With grace and resilience, she delivered seven healthy babies, each adorned in beautiful shades of grey and white, reminiscent of their loving mother.

Resting comfortably under the shelter’s care, this courageous family displayed promising signs of well-being. Mary, approximately six or seven years old, had already endured at least one previous litter.

Peters expressed her profound gratitude that Mary was discovered before the dumpster’s contents were collected, enabling them to provide a safe haven for her delivery and subsequent nurturing of her puppies. She remarked, “It’s a blessing on all fronts because, more often than not, we don’t get such a resounding success. Mary has brought us that success.”

Mama Mary and her adorable offspring will remain together in a foster home for a minimum of six weeks before being placed for adoption.

While the puppies undoubtedly capture hearts, Peters hopes that Mary, too, will find a loving forever family. Adoption applications for Mary and her pups are already being accepted by RACC..

While relieved that Mary was rescued, the RACC team is left pondering the identity and motives of the heartless individual responsible for this act of cruelty. The question remains, who would commit such an atrocious act and why?

Update: Mary and her pups have all left RACC.

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