A rescuer rescued and brought home a fawn and a lynx cub during a fire

George works as a rescuer and this is not his first time rescuing animals during fires. On the day when another fire broke out, George decided to walk around the area near his home to check if any of the animals needed his help.

That’s when he saw a small lynx and a fawn. He saw no other solution than to take them home.

The man left the animals in the house and went about his business. And when he returned, he saw that the animals were sitting together, huddled close to each other. That was incredible! A predator and a herbivore became friends thanks to a common misfortune. Since then they have been inseparable.

George understood that the cubs could not survive alone in the forest, so he left them to live at home.

After this, he faced condemnation from his neighbors. But the men understood that they could not release the animals into nature, since they were accustomed to people and did not know how to get their own food.

Since then, the lynx and deer have lived with George. In addition to them, there are also pets in the house – a cat and dogs.

Local residents unanimously say that living in the same house with wild animals is very dangerous. Early on, both George himself and his entire family were sure of this. But time has shown that the lynx still remembers the man’s kindness and is very grateful to him for his salvation. She was hand-fed from infancy, and she became tame, easy to interact with, loves affection and does not show aggression at all.

The behavior of a lynx is reminiscent of an ordinary cat, only larger in size. She recognizes all household members. Benji became part of a big family.

The baby deer also grew up and became accustomed to people. Lynx and deer are still best friends.

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