A police officer finds a sick bear cub in distress, he will risk his life to rescue him

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A police officer sees a sick bear cub trapped on the road! He puts himself in danger, just to help her!

State Trooper Thomas Owens is no longer a novice when it comes to wildlife. Thanks to his position at White Mountain, he is used to encountering several in the national forest. Black bears are part of it, especially since New Hampshire is home to approximately 5,000 of them. But even if he sees them often, he has never taken the risk of getting close to them! However, this principle completely changed when he saw a bear cub in distress!

This bear was in bad shape!
As we mentioned before, Thomas was used to bears and knew exactly how to act around them. He was therefore aware that it was not necessary to approach it, especially since it was a bear cub. Indeed, mothers tend to become aggressive when it comes to protecting their little ones.

But one day, a difficult choice presented itself before Owens. He located a little bear cub in distress and if he didn’t help it, the animal’s fate would be unfortunate. The officer was in his patrol car when the incident occurred.

A black mother bear and her four cubs were trying to cross the road. And after they succeed, they turn back and do the same gesture over and over again. The policeman did not understand why the family behaved like this .

But when he looked closely at the scene, he realized that one of the cubs couldn’t keep up . The animal kept trailing behind the troop. His mother, for her part, was desperately trying to encourage him to continue walking.

New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife to the rescue!
But even though his mother did her best to help him, the cub could not continue on his way. He had difficulty walking and, after a while, he finally gave up . Then he stopped in the middle of the road .

The bear’s mother stayed with her cub for a moment while trying to help him get back on his feet. But the little one was too weak and couldn’t do it. The mother was therefore obliged and not without difficulty to leave him on the road after a few minutes of waiting.

She continues on her way with her three other little ones until she completely disappears into the forest. She indeed left the sick bear cub behind. Agent Owens did not give up when he saw this sad scene .

He contacted New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife for help . Then, he took the risk of staying with the cub until they arrived. He was aware that his mother could return at any moment.

The bear is safe and sound!
Despite everything, Officer Thomas Owens was determined to rescue the little bear no matter the means. The animal was released once Fish and Wildlife arrived on scene. Officials transported the baby bear to their rehabilitation center. The policeman followed them and took a photo which he published on the Internet.

According to association officials, the mother bear had five and not four cubs. She left aside the fifth cub, because it was also unwell. So Fish and Wildlife searched for the abandoned baby. The establishment fortunately found the animal in time before taking it in turn to the rehabilitation center with its brother.

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