A New Beginning: Gan Da’s Retirement Journey at WFFT Sanctuary

Trekking camps around the world are notorious for keeping Asian elephants in poor living conditions. These magnificent creatures are subjected to cruel training practices just so that they remain calm enough for humans to ride them. However, amidst all the negativity, there is a positive and uplifting story emerging from one such camp. Meet Gan Da, fondly known as Darling, a 40-year-old elephant who has spent most of her life in confinement. Sadly, it is highly likely that she, like many others, was subjected to the brutal crushing method during her training.

According to the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT), over 3,500 elephants are currently being kept captive in Thailand, with only roughly 3,200 allowed to roam freely. The WFFT is a non-profit organization that is committed to rescuing and rehabilitating these magnificent creatures. Their efforts have led to a remarkable achievement – the relocation of Gan Da to the WFFT sanctuary, thanks to the sponsorship of an Australian woman. This is undoubtedly a significant milestone for Gan Da, as it signifies that she will finally have the chance to live her life without the limitations of captivity.

Tom Taylor, the director of the Elephant Refuge at Thailand’s Wildlife Rescue Center, recently shared some positive news. Gan Da, an elephant previously exploited for tourism, has been successfully rescued through a fundraiser held in Sydney. The previous owner wanted to retire Gan Da from tourism activities, and with the successful funding campaign, she was finally freed from her chains. This momentous occasion gave Gan Da hope for a brighter future. During her journey to her new sanctuary, a photo was taken of her wagging her tail enthusiastically. While it’s hard to determine her exact emotions at that moment, it’s clear that she was excited and looking forward to starting a new chapter in her life.

The Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand is doing an exceptional job in safeguarding and looking after the wildlife residing in Thailand. One of their primary goals is to ensure that no animals are mistreated or maligned in any way. Their work is truly praiseworthy, and it is our responsibility to show our backing for this noble cause.

Gan Da received a warm welcome and was quickly made to feel at home when she arrived at the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand. The lush greenery surrounding her gave her a sense of starting afresh, and her first day was full of exciting experiences, including being sprayed with a hose in a playful manner for the foundation’s Facebook page. Having traveled from northern Thailand, Gan Da was now free from the chains that had once confined her and eagerly explored her new surroundings. Taylor, the WFFT’s spokesperson, shared that Gan Da has been adapting well to her new environment and even showed interest in making friends with other elephants. The foundation hopes that Gan Da will have a happy retirement among her fellow rescued elephants.

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Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the exceptional efforts of the Wildlife Friends Foundation of Thailand. This non-profit organization is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing animals that have been subjected to mistreatment or the illegal wildlife trade. They demonstrate an unwavering commitment to the provision of shelter, medical care and sustenance for different species including bears, elephants, birds, primates, and reptiles. Their remarkable service also extends to educating the public about the devastating effects of animal trafficking, habitat destruction, and cruelty. The Wildlife Friends Foundation aims to establish a world where humans and animals can coexist in a compassionate and sustainable manner. Their tremendous work in safeguarding and nurturing the animals in Thailand is truly inspiring and deserving of praise.

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