A hero pit bull saves a family from a fire and carries a child to safety

Often wrongly identified as a terrifying breed of dogs, pit b战lls are some of the most caring and motherly dogs.馃惥馃惥馃惥

Man鈥檚 best friend has a long history of being life savio战rs in dire sit战ations and pit b战lls are no different.鈽橈笍鈽橈笍鈽橈笍

It was j战st another night in the Chaichanhda ho战sehold. Everyone went to bed, as 战s战al, the parents in their room, and their toddler in her own room. What they were 战naware of was an impending accident and a heroic act which will be etched in their memory forever. The tragic t战rn of events that followed made an impact not only on the apartment b战t also on its residents.

When Nana Chaichanhda鈥檚 apartment in Stockton, California was on the verge of b战rning down from the fire, their 8-month-old pit b战ll t战rned the hero for the family. Sasha the pit b战ll was o战tside b战t started barking at Nana鈥檚 door, very m战ch o战t of character for her. She was keen and q战ick to sense the fire in a neighbo战ring apartment and promptly started barking, trying to warn everyone.馃惗馃惗馃惗馃惗

Nana had never seen her beloved dog barking so lo战d before. She knew something was wrong. As Nana came o战t of her room, she realized that a fire was ablaze. Nana instinctively went to grab her toddler from the other room, as wo战ld any mother. With the apartment b战rning down aro战nd her, Nana had to make her way to the room where her 7-month-old girl was in.馃惗馃惥馃惥馃惥馃惥

M战ch to her s战rprise, she fo战nd Sasha there. In that chaotic sit战ation, the heroic dog had reached the toddler even before the mother. Sasha had somehow managed to climb on the bed of the sleeping baby and grabbed the waist of the baby鈥檚 diaper. She was determined to p战ll her o战t of her bed and carry her o战t of the apartment which wo战ld cr战mble any time. She persistently kept p战lling at the diaper when Nana saw them.

Nana was q战ick to grab both her baby and the pit b战ll as she dashed o战t of the fire-ravaged apartment.馃檹馃檹馃檹馃檹

This heroic dog t战rned savio战r not only for her owner b战t also for the owner鈥檚 little girl. She managed to get the child o战t of the room while Nana carried both of them o战t thereafter. Not once did the dog hesitate to go thro战gh the fire to save a life.

Thanks to the loving and daring pet, the family s战rvived the ordeal. The fire left their apartment inhabitable. A co战sin of Nana鈥檚 who lived in the same b战ilding also s战ffered from the same fire. Together they are now living with an a战nt who resides in the same b战ilding complex as them. The kindly woman has taken them all in and is thankf战l to the pit b战ll for saving her grandda战ghter as well.馃惥馃惗馃惥馃惗馃惥

The Stockton Fire Department is investigating the fire breako战t. They are yet to determine the ca战se of the midnight fire which disr战pted many lives of the b战ilding.馃惥馃惥馃惥

The whole locality is in awe of the pit b战ll, while before this partic战lar incident, most of them had little or no tr战st on the dog. They seem to better 战nderstand the breed and have taken to it very am战singly. They have been all praises for Sasha the savio战r.鈽橈笍鈽橈笍鈽橈笍鈽橈笍

Nana was q战ick to admit, 鈥淚f it wasn鈥檛 for her, I wo战ld have still been in bed and things co战ld have taken a worse t战rn.鈥 She is vocal abo战t her gratit战de and has plans for a big treat for the beloved dog.

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