A hero dog named Max saves the life of a boy who was about to drown in a fast moving river

Dogs are not only smart and cute animals, but they are also heroes who rush to help whenever they see someone in need.

A group of people at the Noarlung port were the witnesses of an incredible scene. One day, a selfless dog with the name of Max, his owner named Rob and his little brother were enjoying their day at the peaceful beach.

But unexpectedly, the man saw a boy, swimming in a river with a strong flow. It was obvious that the current of the river was leading the boy to a rocky and very dangerous part.

So the clever dog jumped into the water without any hesitation. In seconds, the brave dog managed to come closer to the scared boy. The river was sucking him in, the boy was about to drown.

But luckily, the smart dog was in a life jacket, and the boy managed to grab the jacket and swim to the shore.

Hopefully, both of them were saved. Max is the hero of the day!

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