A heartwarming story about a kitten who loses his parents and finds love and comfort in his soft mother

Finding Comfort in a Time of Loss
When a chonky kitten named Puppy was brought to an experienced foster mom’s home, little did they know the heartwarming journey that awaited them. Puppy, with his eyes still closed, was estimated to be less than 10 days old. Unfortunately, his mama cat had left him behind while relocating her other kittens. For 12 long hours, Puppy was alone as his rescuers hoped for his mother’s return.

The Decision to Intervene
Despite giving his mama cat every opportunity to find him, it became evident that intervention was necessary. The team of rescuers decided to step in and provide the care Puppy needed. While removing nursing kittens from their mother is typically a last resort, Puppy’s prolonged period without food left them with no choice. They would continue to search for his mother and remaining sibling, but for now, Puppy became the center of attention.

Introducing Puppy and His Plush Mama
With a warm heart, Heidi Wrangles Cats, the foster mom, officially introduced Puppy to the world. They shared, “Our newest bottle baby ❤️, meet Puppy!” To make Puppy feel loved and secure, Heidi introduced him to a Calmeroos Cat, a plush orange cat with a removable battery-operated heartbeat simulator and a comforting heat pack. This cuddly companion provided Puppy with the illusion that his mama was right there with him.

The Comfort of a Faux Maternal Figure
Puppy quickly fell in love with his plush mama. Heidi shared, “A fun fact about Puppy is that his favorite place in the whole world is underneath his fake mommy ????.” The Calmeroos Cat not only provided warmth and comfort but also helped simulate the experience of being snuggled close to his real mother. To ensure cleanliness, the plush mama could be easily washed after removing the heat pack and heartbeat simulator.

Thriving with Love and Care
With the combined love of his plush mama and his human foster mom, Puppy thrived in his new environment. He gained an impressive 30 grams per day, a testament to the care provided by Heidi. Although Puppy remained quarantined for safety reasons, as a precaution against potential viral outbreaks and parasites, his growth and well-being were closely monitored.

Battling Adversity
During his quarantine, Puppy faced a dangerous upper respiratory infection (URI). This condition threatened his health and appetite, requiring immediate medical attention. He received antibiotics and steam treatments twice a day using a nebulizer. His carrier transformed into a comforting steam room, aiding in loosening his congestion. With the help of his foster mom and proper care, Puppy’s resilience shone through, and he conquered the infection within five days.

New Friends and New Experiences
As Puppy regained his health, he reached the milestone of weighing one pound. This adorable ball of fur continued to captivate everyone around him, including Heidi, who affectionately mentioned, “The polka dot on Puppy’s belly kills me.” Puppy’s journey took a delightful turn when he made his first kitten friends. Through wrestling and play, Puppy learned essential feline behaviors and boundaries. With his newfound buddies, he was able to channel his abundant energy in a positive way, sparing Heidi’s legs and hands from his playful nips.

Puppy’s story showcases the incredible impact that love, care, and a plush mama can have on the life of an orphaned kitten. Through the nurturing provided by his human foster mom and the companionship of his plush mama, Puppy not only survived but thrived. His journey is a reminder of the resilience and strength that can be found in even the most challenging circumstances.

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