A heartless owner abandoned a disabled dog twice in one day, but dog finally found a forever home.

A kind-hearted person rescued a dog that was paralyzed and returned it to its owners. However, shockingly, the same uncaring owners dumped the poor dog on the street not once, but twice in the same day.

In a heart-wrenching video, we see a dejected puppy named Tintin being abandoned by a woman and later on, her husband within hours before he was reunited with his family. What makes the situation even more heartbreaking is that poor Tintin only has one front leg, while the other limb is also handicapped.

In southern Brazil’s state of Rio Grande do Sul, specifically in Sao Leopoldo city, a man was brutally abandoned. A video of the incident was uploaded to Facebook and has since garnered over 220,000 views as well as numerous comments, causing alarm and concern for the victim.

In the video footage, a woman in a white car stops by the roadside and unlocks the back door, allowing two dogs to run out. She lures the black dog to get back into the car while pushing the other injured dog away. The poor dog tries to follow the woman as she drives away, appearing to struggle to walk properly.

The local media reported that the poor dog had to face abandonment twice in a single day. The family initially returned the dog, but it was later moved to a different area by the woman’s husband, who left it alone for hours.

As per reports, the dog with three legs has been saved and is now under the care of animal protection organizations in the area. Once the video was shared on various social media platforms, over 30 people came forward to offer the dog a new home, considering it was born with its disability.

In the meantime, local authorities are reportedly investigating the cruel abandonment of a disabled dog that was left stranded twice by its heartless owners in just one day. However, there is some good news to report as the furry creature has now found a loving forever home to call its own.

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