A dog and a girl conquer the Internet by starring in an adorable scene.

A dog together with a girl have starred in one of the most tender and fun scenes that we can contemplate. And it is that both dogs and babies are innocent and transmit their purest love to us, so seeing them together laughing and having fun is truly magical.

Today we will tell you about the genuine interaction between one of the most beautiful dogs and one of the most imposing and slender bearings: the Doberman breed.

A dog and a girl conquer the Internet by starring in an adorable scene.
little dog
Our furry protagonist can be seen playing effusively with a little girl who is only one year old, the truth is that it does not take much more than to contemplate the scene to immediately clear up any prejudice that one may have with this breed of dog.

Abreuer15’s video shared on YouTube quickly captivated netizens around the world, garnering more than 42 million views. And it is that how could it not go viral, if it reveals the genuine complicity between Lily, the dog and a baby.

In the description it simply reads:

“Doberman playing with baby”.

A slender and adorable dog playing with a baby named Addison. In the video you can see the girl completely happy sharing with her great furry friend of hers.

The girl cannot contain her joy, for each movement the dog makes, the cute Addison explodes with happiness, her laughter leaves evidence of how happy she feels playing with her faithful companion.

The little girl is on her knees trying to keep her balance, although this is a challenge for every baby, she loses the battle every time Lily approaches, obviously, she cannot keep her balance before the fits of laughter caused by her playmate .

Amidst the laughter, the baby tries to stand up, the dog knows that she is in control and calls the girl’s attention again, she approaches her and seems to pounce on her, but all she wants is a funny reaction from part of the baby

Although there are many false myths about the Doberman, this is one of the dogs with very interesting characteristics, such as loyalty to its owner and the constant willingness to please him.

He is an energetic dog, a great guardian and protector, as well as being very sensitive and affectionate with his masters.

This breed has its origins in the late 19th century when Karl Friedrich Lous Doberman, a tax collector, was given the task of creating a new breed through a series of crosses to create a defense dog.

His work as a collector sometimes gave him more than a scare, the presence of a muscular and strong dog kept thieves away who try to take his money.

Dobermans are excellent police dogs, guard dogs, and of course, the best playmates. They are not only fast and muscular but extremely loyal.

This girl has the best guardian by her side, we are sure that she will grow up with a furry friend who will do everything possible to take care of her and make her laugh.

Dogs are very sociable creatures and they have that feeling of belonging to a pack, by belonging to a family, that becomes their pack, the one they will care for and love for all things.

Those of us who have a pet know how to recognize the privilege that they are part of our lives, they make our days full of adventures, fun and above all, a lot of love.

How nice it is to see that a baby has a strong connection with a dog. They are the perfect combination between loyalty and love. Little giggles of happiness that stir our hearts with joy.

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