Poor dog with scabies all over his body looks pitiful wandering for food and helpless begging for help

In a tale of resilience and compassion, Renato, a dog who had been wandering aimlessly across the country for months, finally found a glimmer of hope. Neglected and mistreated, he had lost faith in humanity, except for one kind lady who provided him with food.

The rest of the world seemed to kick him when he was down. But could this be the turning point for my beloved Renato? Could his life be resurrected from the depths of despair?

It breaks my heart to witness such pain and suffering. Renato, the dog I had given a name to, had endured unimaginable hardships, both physically and emotionally. With a heavy heart, I vowed to change his fate, even if it meant altering a vowel in his name. I believed in him, refusing to accept failure as an option.

Just recently, I received a photograph of Renato, and it stirred a mixture of emotions within me. Though my life was already filled with other dogs, seeing a soul in such agony caused my heart to bleed incessantly.

Unfortunately, this revelation always seemed to happen on weekends, leaving Renato alone in an apartment until Monday when we could take him to our trusted veterinarian.

Immediately, we conducted various tests at the vet clinic. Renato had already been given a dewormer and received treatment for parasites. I painstakingly cleaned his wounds, removing any embedded debris, and gently bandaged them. His fearful demeanor reflected the wounds he carried within his soul. Once again, I stood ready to alter his fate, hoping he would find solace and healing.

In an arduous feat, we managed to transport Renato to the veterinary clinic, despite his fearful and delirious state. Patience proved to be our greatest ally as we navigated through the challenges.

However, Renato’s behavioral issues needed attention as well. He tested positive for scabies, leishmania, and ehrlichia, leaving him with an arduous road to recovery. Yet, he never lacked anything in terms of care and treatment.

Administering the necessary injections proved to be a daunting task. Renato’s fearfulness often manifested as aggression, making it difficult to handle his undernourished body. Nevertheless, we persevered, slowly building trust between us.

Over time, Renato began to tolerate wearing a Retriever collar and even a cape. The process required patience and consistent effort, but it yielded positive results. We expelled the mites from his body, allowing his hair to regrow, a visible sign of progress.

Renato demanded a significant investment of time and effort, both physically and emotionally. His therapy included a comprehensive medication regimen, and he was not alone on this journey. Recently, Renato experienced a distressing incident with excessive bleeding, causing great concern.

Hastily, I contacted the vet, even though it was outside regular hours. Fortunately, our veterinarian answered the call, demonstrating unwavering support.

It was discovered that a fistula had burst on Renato’s pelvis, and his nails were severely damaged. The situation called for additional antibiotic therapy, countless prayers, and immense hope, as Renato’s condition was deteriorating. Amidst this challenging time, a moment of immense joy emerged, but I will recount it when my mind is calmer.

I observe Renato’s gradual improvement, as he becomes more confident each day. While he still harbors fears due to the wounds on his soul, he displays a newfound beauty. Renato sends kisses to all the caring individuals who have supported us on this journey.

He has undergone a remarkable transformation, with his hair growing back and his weight increasing by an astonishing 9 kilograms.

Today, after repeating several tests, Renato has completed the first step in his battle against leishmania. With a month of injection therapy behind him, his condition has significantly improved, though full restoration of his health is still underway. The road to recovery continues, but Renato’s transformation is nothing short of miraculous.

After five months, Renato is now a completely different dog. He exudes happiness and friendliness, and his wounds no longer define him. Though his journey has been arduous, he has emerged as a symbol of resilience and the power of love. Renato is ready to embark on a new life, surrounded by a loving family who will cherish him endlessly.

As I look at this handsome gentleman named Renato, it is hard to believe that he is the same dog we first encountered. His long hair enhances his natural beauty, making it difficult to recognize the dog he once was. May Renato always find happiness and bring joy to those who cross his path.

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