13.6 million people have watched this baby dancing to a piano-playing Beagle singing ‘Queen’

What happens when a baby and a dog ‘take the stage’ and play awesome music? One dances and the other sings.

When the camera starts rolling, there’s no telling what happens next. But with one dad, his kiddo, and their Beagle anything can happen.

This tot has her toy guitar in hand and her four-legged friend Buddy Mercury tagging alongside her. It seemed like it was just another day at the house.

But when Buddy plays the piano, he starts singing. It’s not like he’s playing a mashup of notes.

It’s as if he’s playing them one note at a time by moving his paws. And he lets out these howls and sings along.

Meanwhile, this cute tot helps him out by doing some dancing. This musical duo is going places.

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