10 incredible canine acts that will bring joy to your day(video)

Whoever said Simon Cowell is mean is unaware of his affection for dogs. Simon said it would mean everything to him if he could find a dog that sings! There are many worthy acts on America’s Got Talent, but no one is more worthy than a talented pooch! This video includes ten dog acts that Simon Cowell loved. You will go as crazy as he did over these extremely gifted canines.

In the first act, a man named Jose brings his dog, Carrie, to dance with him on stage. This is one Golden Retriever with rhythm! It is too cute to see this pup in a dress get down and boogie with her dad! In the next act, Sara proves that her dog is a true “Hero” by having him dodge a sword and hold it in his mouth. This act will keep you on the edge of your seat!

A little girl named Alexa brings her incredible dancing dogs on stage, and they impress the whole room with their talent and intelligence as they do the conga. Alexa has so much control over the dogs, not to mention a powerful bond with them. A woman named Alexandria comes on stage and blows the roof off with her dogs, who can feel the rhythm and the beat of the music and act accordingly.

This video has it all, dancing dogs, dogs that can get down and boogie, dogs that can sing, and dogs that can do some cool tricks. There is also a fantastic story about a policeman named Dave and his courageous dog, Finn, that will tug at your heartstrings. That is the one you can see touch Simon the most.

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