🦢🦢The swans of the Bishop’s Palace ring the palace’s bells whenever they want treats🦢🦢

The town of Wells located in Somerset, England, stuns tourists with its beauty. The luscious landscape and eye-catching architecture transport one to the towns described in fairytales. Tourists who pay a visit to this town hope to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Here they are allowed to be a part of a unique tradition and that is to witness the swans residing in The Bishop’s Palace ring a bell to get treats whenever they deem suitable. They are undoubtedly a group of smart as well as privileged birds receiving royal treatment in the palace.

Their unique way of requesting treats has captured the attention of many. Most of the swans residing in the palace grounds have been sent there from the Swan Rescue South Wales. Since The Bishop’s Palace is dedicated to animal welfare, these poor souls have been fortunate enough to find their forever home in the palace.

Whenever the swans feel like munching on a snack to fill their bellies, they communicate this by approaching one of the windows that have two bells hanging and pulling the strings down. Hands down an effective method to inform the staff that they are hungry.

The staff members too cater to the needs of the swans and provide the birds with specially formulated food that ensures that they receive the required nutrition. This has been in practice since the 1850s. It is a beautiful tradition that the Bishop’s daughter began and it has been in motion since then.

The swans are an integral part of the palace since they bring the residents and visitors immense joy. We sincerely hope that this tradition continues for many more years allowing the swans to indulge in yummy treats.

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