😘After losing her dog, 😘the 100-year-old woman finds comfort in adopting a senior Chihuahua in need of love😘

Once we reach the age of 100, we have basically seen it all. That doesn’t mean that losing someone we love no longer stings, and Johanna Carrington knows this all too well.

According to GeoBeats Animals, Johanna lives in California and, until recently, she had a beloved dog by her side. When that dog passed, however, she became “sad and quiet.”

One thing she didn’t lose was her love of dogs, but her daughter, Debbie, was concerned she didn’t have the wherewithal to care for a new puppy.

The good news was, they didn’t live far from a San Francisco-based animal shelter, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, that focused on finding senior dogs a new home. The shelter offered the “Seniors for Seniors” adoption program, and it was just what Johanna needed.

Gnocchi was available from a local shelter. She was a senior dog rescued from a dog hoarder.

Even though Gnocchi didn’t have any teeth and was reserved, they felt she would be the perfect fit. They even had confirmation from Eddie, Johanna’s caregiver, that the little dog would get daily walks.

Debbie Carrington spoke to Jen Reeder from TODAY, saying how sad things were after they lost the first dog. After Gucci (Gnocchi was renamed) was brought into Johanna’s life, the joy returned.

Johanna and Gucci are never far apart and they will be together when she celebrates her 101st birthday shortly.

She spoke about her dog, saying how he made himself comfortable right away by jumping up on her lap. She said he came into the house like he had been there before.

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