😍😍A Great Dane Dog Gives Birth To 19 FUR Puppies🥰🥰

A Great Dane dog in Arizona gave birth to 19 healthy and adorable puppies, which isn’t quite 101 Dalmations.

The surgeon performed a cesarean section with the help of seven technicians and some family members.

The litter, delivered at The Kingman Animal Hospital in Arizona, falls short of the mark. A Neopolitan mastiff who gave birth to a litter of 24 in the United Kingdom holds the record for the largest litter.

Great Dane delivery
“It was a shocking number,” according to Fox 10 news report. “You should hear what they all sound like together!” And, most importantly, they added: “every single one is looking to be in good health so far.”

The huge team on hand to deliver the pups was led by Dr. Erika Angone. “Think 101 Dalmations? Try 19 Great Danes!” the news report added.

Kingman Animal Hospital
As far as Great Dane litters go, in 2014, a Great Dane produced 19 pups in York Haven, Pennsylvania.

Today’ covered the story and quoted her owner Brandon Terry, who was only expecting her usual litter of 8, describing the experience as “awesome.”

“It’s starting to get crazy,” Terry said. “You’ve got to watch where you step. You’ve got to watch behind your feet!”

Kingman Animal Hospital
Fast forward to February 2019, and staff at the Kingman Animal Hospital posted on their Facebook page about their own impressive litter: “All live and healthy! Mom doing great!”

“Thank you all for the kind words and congrats to the momma dog and our hard working staff that came in for this emergency,” they posted.

Thousands have shared the post and sent comments of love and support for this amazing mama dog called Cleo.

Kingman Animal Hospital
We hope these adorable pups are doing well and of course Cleo who is one extraordinary momma dog!

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